What are successful scale-ups doing right? 3 key moves to factor into your innovation strategy

Why do most scale-ups fail to build and maintain innovation momentum? We have persistently talked about the important role that innovation plays in every company’s long-term success. And yet, striving for consistent and sustainable business transformation continues to be the trickiest puzzle scale-ups are trying to solve. For scale-ups to effectively maintain innovation momentum and consistently hit […]

So, you’ve secured funding. Now what? 3 things great businesses do to maximise their growth

How do you maximise capital, maintain growth momentum, and ensure long-term success? Successful businesses have perfected the delicate balance between growth, profitability, and liquidity. They do so by maximising the business’ capital funding and, subsequently, safeguarding its financial health for the foreseeable future. How you, as a business leader, choose to invest capital can vary significantly, […]

Get Investors to Say YES: 8 Expert Tips to Ensure a Successful Capital Raise

How do you keep your business’ growth momentum going? For decades, the predominant belief was that starting a business is the hardest challenge an entrepreneur will need to overcome. In reality, the most punishing part is when a business is on its way to scale. It is actually in the scale-up stage where the stakes […]

How do you build high-performing teams? Here are the 4 fundamentals you need to get right

Is your team suited for scale-up life? We recognise that companies are nothing without high-performing teams to execute growth strategies well. As teams have become a melting pot of dynamic, skilled individuals who can work from virtually anywhere, collaboration has become trickier than it was in earlier decades. However, one silver lining stands out: This issue […]

How to sell what makes your business great — Here are 4 proven steps

How do you strategically position your brand so that your target customers choose you? When it comes to developing an effective value proposition, the most important thing you can do is to keep your target markets front and centre — their needs, doubts, goals, ideals, habits, and lifestyles, among others. Yes, it is also crucial to have […]

Why knowing your target market is important to long-term success

How well do you know your markets? Is your marketing strategy tailored to resonate with them effectively? How do you make them buy into your brand despite tons of competition?  When we say market, we are talking about both your customers and your competitors. While there are many other market players, getting a full understanding of these two […]